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Beauty Revived | Eugene High School Senior Photographer

September 18, 2014

The shouts of the world are yelling that there are no more beautiful girls.  “BEAUTY” is dead, they say, and it’s been replaced with “HOT” and “SEXY”.  This is a lie! I know too many young ladies that believe that.  So, in an effort to recognize and bring light to these beautiful girls, I would like to host a Beauty Revived Campaign!  I am so excited to be part of this movement a long with other amazing high school photographers across our nation!  We are searching for local high schools girls who embodies TRUE BEAUTY!  What make a beautiful girl?  Well I can tell you that it’s not being hot or sexy, or about being the most popular girl in school, or about being perfect, or about wearing the latest fashion trends in the market.  It’s also not about being a certain size or shape….it has nothing to do with what you look like but a lot more of who you TRULY ARE! Beauty is about staying true to oneself.  Beauty is about standing up for your values.  Beauty is about overcoming adversity.  Beauty is about being selfless.  Beauty is about serving others with no strings attached.  Beauty is about being courageous, compassionate, and kind.  Beauty is about seeing the positive in life even when your world is falling apart.  Beauty is not choosing to be a victim but learning from the experiences in life and becoming a stronger and better person.

Do you know a high school girls who has overcome adversity or heartache in her life but has not let that defined who she really is?  Do you know a girl who serves her family or and community?  Do you know a girl who is courageous against challenges in life?  Do you know a young lady who embodies this kind of beauty?   We want to know HER! Beausoleil Bridal Boutique (for formal gown) and Lydia Gillis Photography have partner to honor young ladies from local high schools in  a very special way. Please help us get to know them. We are looking for local Junior and Senior  girls who define BEAUTY!

You may send your nomination by clicking (here) and filling out the form.  We want you to tell us her story and why we should choose her!  Nomination are accepted now through October 3rd and winner will be announced on October 7th 2014.  The winner will receive a photo session with Lydia Gillis Photography with digital images and slide show and will be featured on our blog.  As well as professional hair and make up.  Formal gown will be provides by Beausoleil Bridal Boutique.   Photo session will take place between October 14th- October 26th!  And because we truly believe in this movement, we want to be able to  choose a winner from each high school that is within 45 mile radius form Eugene.

Thank you for helping out.  I can’t wait to see who you nominate!

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