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Soft Peaks Cakery | Eugene Wedding Vendor

March 29, 2016

Soft Peak Cakery White and gold cake with peonies | Lydia Gillis Photography

Soft Peaks Cakery | Eugene Wedding Vendor

Today’s featured wedding vendor is Soft Peaks Cakery. A local, custom order bakery that specializes in wedding and special occasional cakes from Eugene, Oregon.   I recently had the opportunity to do a Q & A with Shelly Pruitt, the owner of Soft Peaks Cakery.  So grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back  and get to know more about Soft Peaks Cakery and the lady who makes her cakes as tasty as they are beautiful!

Q: How long have you been in business? 

A: Soft Peaks Cakery was started 2004, I started baking and decorating 1988. My Mother-in-Law was an artist, oils, and she started me working with sugar paste when she helped me make flowers for our wedding cake.

Q: What is your business philosophy?

A: I  try my best to do the right thing for each customer by supplying them with exactly what they are looking for.  That may sound simple however when I’m asked to supply a cake or dessert for wedding or another special occasion, something of such a memorable time; it can be daunting.  However, I put them first, not myself and push myself to make sure I contribute to their event in a way no one else can.

Q: How do you define your style  and what sets you apart from others in your industry?

A:  Fun, Romantic, Current. Well, that is hard to say, I have been asked to do a lot of different things, I step up to the challenge, this keeps me in the mode of learning new things and on top of the newest styles.  If I had to choose what I like to do best, it would be romantic, vintage with a lot of pretty lace and flowers. I do like to incorporate gumpaste details, lace, flowers and figures into cakes.  I am kind of known for Fondant and gumpaste work, I don’t charge extra for fondant cakes because I am at ease with that medium, and it gives the look that a lot of Brides are looking for. Business wise, I am a “One Person Shop,” so I work on each piece without the worry of someone else not doing exactly what the client wants, there isn’t a communication breakdown, it is all on me. This keeps overhead down, so I can provide a quality product with a reasonable price.

Q:  What is the best part of your business?

A:  Best part of my business would have to be delivering the cake to the event. I love to see all the hard work of the planner or bridal party come together.  I like to stand in the back of the room and just look around and see how the details unfolds.  I do a lot of questioning of the clients over our meetings so I can get a feel of what their vision is so I can use my past experience to help them to achieve their dreams.

Q:  What is behind your business name?

A:   The name comes from the area where I live, and love; it is a reflection of what I do, bake from scratch.  I live in the McKenzie Valley, I love to go to the Mountains, the Three Sisters area, and I wanted to have something that also reflected what the business is about, baking from scratch, getting egg whites to the soft peaks is an everyday event while making cakes and icings. Oh ya, I also wanted to be able to use my initials on my equipment, sp~~Soft Peaks☺ kind of silly but I do get down to details in everything I do!  Like each cake design, I put a lot of thought into my business and everything detail involved in that; I try to do anything I can to make it as close to perfect as I can.


Blush table with gold and white cake | Lydia Gillis Photography

Q:  What type of service do you offer?

A:  My services range from Custom Baking to Selling Confectionary supplies, cake, candy and baking. I also teach classes in both baking and decoration and construction of wedding cakes.  I bake for any size event, Cakes, Pies, cheesecakes desserts and breads.  I have taken personal recipes for bridal parties and turned them in to their special wedding cake.  I also work closely with students who want to learn the art of sugar craft to help them develop their skills, when someone purchases supplies from me I also will help them learn how to use them, not just send them off with an instructions sheet.  During the consultation, we talk about what is special to each person, I can take one thing they may have not thought of and incorporating it into their event and bringing it out is sugar! Personal one on one service.

Q:  Where are you located?

A:  151 4th Street  Springfield, Oregon 97477

Q:  Do you travel and if so how far from your city of residence?

A:  I will travel through out the state, of course there is a charge for that, but I have gone to an area and baked on site.

Q:  Describe your best wedding of 2015.

A:  My best wedding of 2015? The most special time I was able to be part of was a 50th wedding anniversary and a renewal of their wedding.  They wanted to try to create the wedding they never got to have the first date, with help from their children and other family members they were able to have their own special day!  It was beautiful to see two people who still loved each other after all those years and experiences!  It made me cry!  I usually don’t stay around for the ceremony but I did for this one, and it was special to hear what great parents they were and how many lives they have effected.  Just so touching and a beautiful display of commitment and love for each other and their family.

Q:   What is the best advice you can give a bride?

A:  My best advice to each bridal party is to hire a professional to do things during their wedding.  I suggest this because, it is only one day, with a lot going on.  Family, friends along with a huge emotional event happening.  While there are some things that may be able to be handled by family and yourself, those things are not to be stressful, they are supposed to be fun, like helping with choosing the dress or location maybe something borrowed something blue, not food for 150 people or taking photos.  Leave that kind of thing to those of us who do it each weekend during the season, we know how it is done, this is hopefully their first and last time!  I also suggest keeping it as simple or as fancy as you would like, not trying to judge your wedding on someone else’s,  follow your heart not Pintrest.

Q:  Do you work by yourself or with a team?

A:  I usually work by myself while baking and creating large projects like wedding cakes.  I do have people that I have to help when I need them, while doing classes and the like.  I work closely with other vendors to help create a cohesive vision for the client.

Q:  What is the best way that brides can contact  you?  

A:  The best way to contact me is via Facebook or text, I will respond asap.


White and gold cake with peonies | Lydia Gillis PhotographyThese images are from a Kaylee and Claudio’s wedding at Emerald Valley.  You can see the their blog post here.White and gold cake with peonies | Lydia Gillis PhotographySweets wedding table | Lydia Gillis PhotographySweets wedding table | Lydia Gillis PhotographySweets wedding table | Lydia Gillis PhotographyFondant and gumpaste work is what Shelly from Soft Peaks is know for! 

fall rustic gumpaste cake photo | Lydia Gillis Photographyfall rustic gumpaste cake photo | Lydia Gillis Photographyfall rustic gumpaste cake photo | Lydia Gillis Photography

LYDIA GILLIS PHOTOGRAPHY is Eugene based and Destination Wedding Photographer. We specialize in Weddings and High School Seniors.



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  1. Caty Sandoval says:

    It was great working with Soft Peaks Cakery, very proffesional and the cake looked and tasted awsome.

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