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A Look Into Lackland Air Force Dorms

A Look Into Lackland Air Force Dorms After Jeremy’s Airman Graduation the Airman had the opportunity to give their families and friends a tour of their dorms.  This was Jeremy’s dorm for 7 1/2 weeks.  It was fun to be able to see how he lived and how organized everything was.  It brought back so many memories from when I went to boot camp many years ago.  I realized somethings are still the same.  When Jeremy was young and learning to fold his own clothes and make his ownView full post »

Air Force Airman Graduation | Lackland Air Force Base

Air Force Airman Graduation Day two of our visit to Lackland Air Force Base and Jeremy’s Air Force Airman Graduation Ceremony. We arrived on base two hours early to avoid the crowd and get good seats for the Air Force Airman Graduation. If day one was hot, day two was unbearable.  By the time we arrived on base at 7 am we were already a sweaty mess.  Yes, I said it…sweaty mess!! And the worst part about it, which I am sure Lackaland Air Force Base has some logic to it, all theView full post »

Gris and Noel’s Wedding | Destination Wedding Photographer

Gris and Noel’s Wedding in Guachinango, Mexico | Destination Wedding Photographer One of my goals when I started my business was to be a destination wedding photographer.  And one of the places I have been wanting to photograph a wedding  is in the small town of Guachinago, Jalisco, Mexico.  The town where I spent most of my childhood.   A few weeks ago that wish finally came true and I am forever grateful to Gris and Noel for asking me to document one of the biggest day in theirView full post »

Lindsey’s Glamour Session

Lindsey’s Glamour Session Today I am sharing something a little different with you.  I normally don’t do in studio photography as I am more of a natural light photographer.  I wanted to try something new and my friend Michelle from MJ’s Photography was kind enough to let me borrow her studio.  I really love how Lindsey’s glamour session turned out.  I think I might have to find my self a studio now.  A huge shout out to Chelsea from Lavish Bronzing Boutique for theView full post »

Air Force Coin Ceremony | Lackland Air Force Base (Part I)

Air Force Coin Ceremony | Lackland Air Force Base A few days ago we hopped on a plane en route to San Antonio, Texas.  Lackland Air Force Base to be exact.  We waited seven and a half weeks…seven and a half long weeks to see my favorite boy. July 14th couldn’t come fast enough. The first day was orientation for family and friends,  Airman’s run and the famous Air Force Coin Ceremony.  We didn’t make it to the orientation or the Airman’s run. Thanks to our friendView full post »

Birthday Girl | Alamo, San Antonio

Birthday Girl |Alamo, San Antonio This girl here is the apple of my eye and today we are celebrating her 17th birthday.  17 amazing years of laughters, tears, challenges and adventures but through it all she has blessed me in ways I never thought possible.  She has taught me so much about life.  Filled my life with joy  and my heart with pride. She is tenacious, dedicated and stands true to her convictions.  She is mature beyond her years.  She is quirky and has a tender heart…alwaysView full post »

Eagle Rock Lodge Wedding| Cara and John

Eagle Rock Lodge Wedding | Cara and John Cara and John’s  Eagle Rock Wedding was absolute beautiful!  The venue was picture perfect for Cara and John’s fun and carefree wedding.  One of my favorite things about John and Cara is their sense of humor and how down to earth they both are.  Their love is absolutely radiant…from the way they look at each other, to the way they joke with each other, to the tender affection moments they share.  Being able to witness thatView full post »