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Air Force Coin Ceremony | Lackland Air Force Base (Part I)

July 25, 2016

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Lackland Air Force Base Coin Ceremony

Air Force Coin Ceremony | Lackland Air Force Base

A few days ago we hopped on a plane en route to San Antonio, Texas.  Lackland Air Force Base to be exact.  We waited seven and a half weeks…seven and a half long weeks to see my favorite boy. July 14th couldn’t come fast enough.

The first day was orientation for family and friends,  Airman’s run and the famous Air Force Coin Ceremony.  We didn’t make it to the orientation or the Airman’s run. Thanks to our friend Laurina who not only hosted us at her house while we were in San Antonio but she also went far and beyond to take care of us and make our entire stay stress free.  She got up early in the morning to go to the orientation, took notes for us and also recorded the Airman’s run for us.  At the Air Force Coin Ceremony we sat  on the side of the bleachers that were on full sun.  To say that it was hot is an understatement.  And the humidity didn’t help either.  So much for doing my hair.  It ended up on a ponytail shortly after we arrived.

The honor grads were introduced first and then each of the  basic training candidates were given a coin by their MTIs. After the ceremony we were able to  meet with our loved ones and I couldn’t get to the field fast enough.   I was running crazy trying to find my boy…and there he was my handsome airman standing tall at parade rest as we made eye contact.  I scream as I ran into his arm.  He had the biggest smile and that just melted my heart.  We spent the rest of the day exploring the base and catching up with Jeremy.  Did I mentioned that it was super hot?? Jeremy wanted to watch a movie on base and I think we all paid to take a nap and I guarantee you we were not the only ones.  Jeremy had to be back in his dorm at 2200 which is 8 pm for all civilians.  We said our goodbyes and as tired as I was, I couldn’t  wait for tomorrow.

Make sure to come back on Thursday for part 2, the graduation ceremony and a tour into one of the dorms at Lackland Air Force Base.

Lackland Air Force Base Marching BandLackland Air Force Base Coin CeremonyI still get all teary eyed when I see this photo.Lackland Air Force Base Coin CeremonyTeddy O made it to the coin ceremony and is representing Oregon proudly. Lackland Air Force Base Coin Ceremony , AirmanHe will always be my boy.Lackland Air Force Base Coin Ceremony , mom and sonLackland Air Force Base Coin Ceremony. Airman with familyLackland Air Force Base Coin Ceremony. Airman with familyLackland Air Force Base Coin Ceremony. Airman with familyJeremy face timing with one of his friends back home.Lackland Air Force Base Coin Ceremony. Airman And look at that smile!!!!!Lackland Air Force Base Coin Ceremony. Airman Lackland Air Force Base Coin Ceremony. Airman with familyJeremy with some of his airmen friends.Lackland Air Force Base Coin Ceremony. Airman

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  1. Sara Dickson says:

    Very exciting! So happy for your family ❤️

  2. Michelle Jackson says:


  3. Claire Bingham says:

    H iLydia…FABULOUS PHOTOS!!! I baked some cookies for Jeremy this morning. They’re in the freezer waiting for an address!……Love, Mom

  4. Curt Gillis says:

    Can’t put into words how proud and happy I am for my son. This was an emotional experience that I will treasure all my days.

  5. Tom Gillis says:

    Thanks Lydia, Please send me a copy of the photo where he has a big smile so I can download into my pictures. Very proud of my grandson!! Also the rest of my Oregon family too. Love you!

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