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A Taste of My Heritage: Guachinango, Jalisco, Mexico

May 4, 2013

Guachinango , Jalisco, Mexico.

This year I started working on a personal goal of mine. While I can’t give a lot of the details right now, part of it was me visiting my hometown of Guachinango, Jalisco, Mexico. A place that will always be home.  And just to be clear, I said “Guachinango” not to be confused with “Huachinago”. Unless you are from Guachinango or Jalisco, Mexico, you probably never heard of this place. Guachinango is a small town nestled in central western Mexico. It’s about an hour and forty-five minutes east of Guadalajara, which is the capital of Jalisco. Just a little geography lesson!

Guachinango is also called the Land of Gold because of the treasures found in this place. Guachinango is very well know for it’s mines and ruins and for many years most of the gold found in the state of Jalisco came from Guachinango.

These pictures where taken at one of the popular ruins in Guachinango. And though Vanessa is not wearing a traditional Jalisience dress. It is very much a representation of the Mexican culture. Venessa’s wearing a chiapanecas dress, a historic dress from the state of Chiapas, Mexico. These dresses are used in folkloric dances which are very popular in the Mexican culture. If you notice a Spanish flair to this dress that is because the music as well as the traditional dances of Chiapas come from both indigenous and Spanish roots.

I would like to thank Professor Felipe De Jesus Arreola Sedano, Lucero Sanchez, and all the beautiful people who where so willing to model for me and helping out with this personal endeavor.

Please visit again as will be posting and sharing with you a bit more of my heritage and my beautiful Guachinango.

For now I leave you with my gorgeous model Vanessa Caro!

Thanks for stopping by. Don’t forget to leave Vanessa some love and as always, I appreciate your comments!

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  1. Lydia Santiago Gillis says:

    Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

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  3. Amelia says:

    My mother and her family were from Guachinango. They are the Rubio Caro and Rubio Santiago. I see that your model is a Caro.. I’ve visited on my own.. There wasn’t much I could learn about Guachinango. I was taken to the little ranch where my mother and her 5 brothers grew up. There was 1/2 of an adobe wall left standing. I had heard about the mines, and that The Jones family owned them. I wish I could learn more about my mother’s family and Guachinango.

  4. Evet says:

    Hello, I cam across your site as I am researching my family roots. My great-grandfather, Luis Sanchez Camacho, and his family were from there. I would love to visit one day in the near future. I f you have any recommendations, please advise.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

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