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Nalin: Senior Model ~ Willamette High 2013 | Eugene Senior Photographer

September 13, 2012

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I am so excited to be sharing this session with you.  This is Nalin’s second part of her photo shoot.  We started the day in down town Eugene and then we headed to Alton Baker Park in the search for a dry field.  But to my surprise something much better was awaiting me, I just didn’t know it.  We pulled into the parking lot at Alton Baker and I soon as we drove in  I spotted something beautiful….a bright green Impala!  Forget about the field.  Who wants to have a photo session in a dry field when you have this cool green Impala in front of you?  However, I had one little problem.  I didn’t know who the vehicle belong to.  As I am waitng for Nalin and her freind to arrive, I asked my husband what the chances of me using the car as a drop would be.  And because I have an awesome husband, he diddn’t miss a beat again and before I knew it, he was already asking the owner. I was like a little kid at the candy store.  I was so gitty about using the car as a prop but as I got closer to the car, I paniced.  This car was perfect. It was immaculate!  I have never seen a car this clean…at least not mine! But really, I thought I was going to schrach it or get a smudge on itt just by getting close to it.  But between my nerves and the shortness of time because I was loosing the beautiful golden light,   I managed to take some cool pictures of Nalin and the awesome green Impala.

I want to give big shout out to my new friends from Royal Image.  Thank you so much for making my day.  And if my friends from Royal Image  are reading this, the offer still stand.  I want to photograph you and tell your story!

I was able to chat with some of the guys from Royal Image and they have amazing stories of survival, life’s 2nd chances, and how they give back to the community. I really hope to some day be able to share their story here.

For now I leave with with Nalin’s photo session.  Once again she rockedher shoot.  Nalin is a natural in front of the camera and she make my job way to easy.  If you want to see the first part of Nalin’s photo session just click on this link.  Nalin Class of 2013 Senior Model.

If you are a Class of 2013 and still needing your senior photos please contact us at by using the contact tab above.


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