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Newspaper is not just for reading! Fun Fashion Shoot! ~ Eugene Portrait Photographer

August 3, 2012

A while ago I was inspired to do a concept photo shoot.  I had a vision on how I wanted this shoot and all I needed was a model. So my search started for someone who was willing to do something out of the ordinary. When I spoke with Courtney she thought the idea was crazy but was  brave enough to model for me. She was in charge of her make up and hair and I was in charge of the wardrobe.  Our day was scheduled on a sunny day in Eugene. We met at our friend’s private residence where the shoot was going to take place. When I first saw Courtney I was swooned by the amazing job the ladies at the MAC store did on her make up. Her hair was just perfect too! Now it was time for her to get in her new outfit I had chosen for her. My heart dropped when I realized I had left at home some very  important pieces of the attire. What to do now? We were on a time schedule so driving back home was not possible. And how can I reschedule when Courtney went through all the trouble to get her make up done and changed her schedule for me..  She looked stunning and if anything I can always do just head shots. But no, my mind was already set on this shoot and the dress … the show must go on. I had to improvise and work with what I had to make the dress. Yes it wasn’t  what I had in mind but this would have to do. After all, this shoot was about being creative and doing something out of the norm.  Courtney and I managed to some how put the dress together with the little that we had. A few accessories from our friends garden added the special touch!

Lesson learned. It’s not always about making it perfect but about having fun and making the best with what you have.  I feel I came short on the vision I had for the dress, but my rock-star model made it all worth it and at the end it was a perfect shoot! Don’t ever be afraid to try something new because you might surprise yourself.  This is by far my favorite shoot I have done.

Perfect Lighting! A stunning model! And incredible make up!

And I think it’s fair to say that Courtney and I had a lot of fun!

You have to admit the dress didn’t turn out that bad. I might have to redeem myself with the dress so stay tuned I just might have another surprise for you!

Love, love the make up!The sheep thought it was feeding time and  tried to feast on the dress!


Courtney, I love you! Thanks for going along with my crazy idea! After all the obstacles we had with the dress, the bees, the sheep, and the dog, you ROCKED this shoot! xoxo

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  1. Courtney LeCavalier says:

    LYDIA!!!!!! Holy crap! They’re beautiful! I can’t pick a favorite!!

  2. Bonnie Thielke Temple says:

    Lovely, lovely, lovely…. FUN!

  3. Hannah Dahl says:

    yeah girl! These are amazing!

  4. Bunnie Hake says:

    Such a fun and unique photo shoot Courtney!

  5. Kris Hammett says:

    Unbelivably amazing! Both of you!

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