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Enjoying the Beauty of Christmas

December 24, 2016

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Rustic Wedding, Bride and GroomToday is Christmas Eve and I plan to enjoy it to the fullest!  Christmas is my favorite time of year…I always look forward to all the decorating, cooking, shopping, wrapping gifts and all the festivities of the season.   As I sit here writing this post I realized how I have let the worries and busyness of life steal the joy from me.  How can that be? How did I allow being busy rob me from the joy of Christmas?  It’s not too late though and regardless of all the noise around me, today on Christmas Eve, I am choosing to not let being busy worrying win.  Today I am choosing to be BUSY spending quality time with my family…just the four of us.  We will make breakfast together, play some board games, cuddle up and watch some movies, and just be US!  My phone will be turned off and I will enjoy the second greatest gift God has giving me…my family, the first gift being my savior, Jesus. I will cast all my worries aside and celebrate the birth of my savior.  Despite on how hard 2016 has been for our famil, today, I choose to be grateful for all HIS goodness.  My son, Jeremy is home from the Air Force for a short family is together again and that is all I wanted for Christmas.

Merry Christmas and may you find some time to rest and enjoy the beauty of Christmas!

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